For Teachers


Even if European Youth Parliament Turkey obviously is aimed at young students, we are certain that teachers will find our activities appealing – both from an educational as well as from a personal development perspective.

At its core, EYP is a platform for informal peer-to-peer learning. This is best seen in the effort we put into creating a civil, informed and inclusive discussion about topics that matter. During sessions, students communicate exclusively in English, and therefore get an opportunity to put their language skills into practice both in academic discussions and social situations. The same applies to the skills of debating and expressing knowledge, both of which are fostered within EYP. For all these reasons, many teachers value EYP as a unique opportunity for learning and self-development for young students. This continuous interest and support from dozens of high schools and teachers is a key pillar of our work.

As EYP sessions depend on schools’ support, delegations are accompanied by a teacher from their school. While most of the administrative work is done by the board of EYP Turkey, we require the teachers’ help with finding interested students from their school, and with filling out the delegation application. During the session, a teacher from your school will need to be there throughout the programme. It is vital for the delegates to have a person around that knows them and is able to help them if any problems occur. If you are unable to participate in the entire session, you are welcome to share the responsibility for your delegation with a colleague teacher from your school.

Teachers are offered activities and events that run alongside regular Session events. While guaranteeing the necessary free time to fulfil eventual professional duties during the session, the aim of the teachers’ programme is to

  • experience the region where the session takes place at its best
  • get a first-hand understanding of EYP’s principles and non-formal education methods
  • facilitate social interaction between teachers from all over Turkey

If you are interested in joining EYP Turkey as a school, we would love to help you any way we can. Please contact us!


EYP Turkey Information Form for Teachers