A milestone for EYP

Gathering around 250 participants from all over Europe, ANKARA’22 will be the largest in-person event held by the European Youth Parliament since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and the 13th International Forum organised by EYP Turkey. As such, it is a milestone for the organisation and the beginning of a new, post-pandemic chapter for the EYP. ANKARA’22 will mark the EYP’s return from the digital to the physical sphere and set the new standard for in-person sessions in the future.

Seeking the Unknown

Fittingly, the theme of the session is “Seeking the Unknown”. Together, the participants will challenge themselves and others, grow, learn, and become more active citizens of Europe and the world. In their committees, the delegates will discuss the issues facing mankind in the years and decades to come and consolidate the opinions of the next generation of European leaders.

Surrounded by history

The session will take place in Ankara, Turkey’s vibrant capital. Situated in the center of the Anatolian peninsula, Ankara was founded over 2,000 years ago and has, in that timespan, been a center of several civilisations, including the Hittites, the Persians, the Romans, and the Ottomans. However, it only became the capital of the newly established Republic of Turkey in 1923. Consequently, Ankara is brimming with history, both ancient and modern, and will be an inspiring setting for delegates and officials.

ANKARA’22 in numbers

The brains behind the operation

Yaz Erciyas

Born in Ankara, Yaz is one of two Head-Organisers of ANKARA’22. She joined EYP in 2018 and is studying industrial design at university.

Çağatay Büyükçaylı

Çağatay is the other Head-Organiser of ANKARA’22. From Ankara, he joined EYP in 2017. He is studying translation and interpretation.

Joel Juntunen

Joel, the President of ANKARA’22, was born in Turku, Finland. He holds a degree in ICT and is currently working as a data engineer.

Nikita Salukvadze

From Tbilisi, Georgia, Nikita is the Editor of ANKARA’22. Currently, he lives in Berlin, where he works for the International Office of EYP.

ANKARA’22 Participants’ Platform

Click to access the ANKARA’22 Participants’ Platform where you can find announcements and organisational information regarding ANKARA’22.

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