11 sessions in 1 day!

Perhaps the 22nd February should be celebrated as the “European Day of Active Citizenship” from now on, since on Friday 22nd  of March 2019 eleven (yes, 11!) different EYP sessions were taking place across Europe simultaneously, involving in their activities more than 1000 young Europeans altogether. From Portugal to Poland and from Norway to Albania, in one single day, hundreds of young people participated in the European Youth Parliament for the first time.

EYP is active in 40 countries, giving its participants the chance to experience intercultural dialogue and engage actively in society even in the most remote and unexpected corners of our continent. The vast majority of the events held on February 22nd have been Regional Sessions. That format is not only a necessary stepping stone for the upcoming National Sessions of each EYP National Organisation but also a blessing for the EYP’s ambition to be an open and welcoming organisation, reaching out to people who might not yet have a chance to experience Europe firsthand. Furthermore, Regional Sessions are a great place for young people to experiment in a friendly environment and take on new responsibilities within EYP. In different words, a unique opportunity for experimentation, gain of new skills and personal growth.

We are looking forward to welcoming more and more participants in our regional, as well as national and international events!

For now let’s all cheer on February 22 as perhaps one of the most active days in the history of youth and peer-to-peer educational organisations in Europe!

Below you can see the map of where these 11 sessions took place: Portugal, Spain (2 sessions), France, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Albania.