Apply for the Power Shifts Fund 2018

The International Office is pleased to announce the launch of the second round of the Power Shifts – Reflecting Europe’s Energy project in cooperation with innogy Stiftung für Energie und Gesellschaft (innogy foundation). Together with this partner, we have successfully run the Power Shifts project in 2015-2017, organising 3 International Academic Forums and engaging more than 300 EYPers to discuss the future of Europe’s Energy in Poland, Germany and France.

In the second phase of the project, we want to foster the debate about energy on all levels – from the regional and national level up to the international level. We will thus be providing NCs with a chance to obtain funding for energy-focused activities throughout the project phase 2018-2021.

We will focus on different thematic fields in each year of the project cycle. Events taking place between October 2018 – May 2019 should focus on Challenges and Opportunities of Energy Governance. Possible topics could revolve around questions such as: What new models of governance are necessary to steer and shape energy policy in the 21st century? How can grassroots democracy and energy intersect? Which energy sectors and how should the EU support? How to improve the legislation of the EU countries to provide sufficient support to the renewable energy sectors?

These and many other questions can be discussed in the context of a wide range of possible formats, including but not limited to: National/Regional Sessions, Academic Forums, EYP Energy weekend, EYP One Day event, EYP Think Thank or your own innovative format that allows to apply your creativity and strategic thinking skills.

This year, we are happy to provide support to 3-4 regional, national and international energy-focused events with a total fund of 10.000 EUR for 2018 (1.000 – 3.500 EUR per event). We are opening a call for applications from all EYP National Committees and organising committees.

We ask all interested National Committees to submit their application here by 23 September 2018. Interested but still have some concerns? For more information please get in touch with Helena Karnitskaya at