Delegates in Yerevan discuss innovations in the sustainable energy sector

250 young people from 36 countries gathered last week in Yerevan, Armenia for our flagship event, the 89th International Session of the EYP.

The ITRE committee of 11 delegates discussed the following topic, supported by the Power Shifts project:

Towards a sustainable future: From molten salt technology to renewable energy blockchains, should European countries implement policies to drive innovations in the sustainable energy sector, and if so, which areas of technological progress should be prioritised?

With the fund, participants at every International Sessions can contribute to the Power Shifts project by providing ideas on the future of Europe’s energy, one of the crucial issues of our time. All ideas and perspectives are then collected in the form of resolutions.

During committee work, the ITRE delegates in Yerevan had the opportunity to ask questions to Mr. Friedrich Schulte from innogy SE, where he works as a Head of Corporate Technology. He spoke to the delegates about the innovations in the energy sector and the complexity and importance of R&D process.

Watch the reflections of the delegates of the ITRE Committee on their experience with the topic!