EYP Councils in 2019

The European Youth Parliament is run by young people for young people. The peer-led EYP Councils allow more EYP members to actively shape our organisation. Meet young volunteers who will chair 5 EYP Councils this year.

The EYP Councils engage more active EYPers to participate in shaping the organisation and working more closely on the international level. The EYP Councils are working groups that work independently on tasks set by the EYP Governing Body. They also have a room to develop their own projects. Each Council works on a specific area. Councils consists of around 6 active EYP members, one member of the Governing Body, as well as one staff member from the EYP International Office. At the beginning of each year, the members of the EYP Councils are selected through an open call. Anyone who is interested in joining one of the Councils can put forward their application. Based on these applications, the Governing Body selects the members for the councils for the upcoming year. 

Here is a list of the 2019 Councils, their respective Chairs and GB representatives.

Development Council

Chair: Janis Fifka (Germany), GB representative: Dionysis Patriarcheas (Greece)

“The Development Council will be the supporting entity to work on solutions for sustainable growth – ready to listen, discuss and help.” – Janis

Media and Communication Council 

Chair:  Ali  Okumusoglu  (Luxembourg), GB  representative: Noura Berrouba (Sweden)

“The Media & Communication council will work on the internal & external communication of EYP on all levels. Our work will aim to support and expand the scope of media teams within the network while also aiming to create materials for future generations.” – Ali

Training and Member Development Council

Chair: Marta Sznajder (Poland), GB representative: Maria Manolescu (Romania)

“My vision for the Training and Member Development Council in 2019 is for it to be a collaborating team, driven by a shared vision and passion for personal growth, as well as development and continuity of training in the network, working continuously in a systematic structure.” – Marta

Council on Education, Outreach, and Inclusion

Chair: Stefan Hadzovic (Serbia),  GB representative: Helga Dirlinger (Austria)

“After a successful term as the chair of the Outreach and Inclusion Council, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue my involvement as the chair of the newly created Council on Education, Outreach and Inclusion which combines these interconnected fields, crucial for the further development of our Network. Do you think it is important to make EYP events more inclusive and diverse? Do you value educational aspect of the EYP? Then CEOI is the place for you!” – Stefan

Safe Core Team

Chair: Weronika Betta (Poland), GB representative: Maria Manolescu (Romania). Maria will also serve as International Safe Person as foreseen by the Safe Policy.

“The creation of the Safe Core Team marks a moment of due, and perhaps overdue, recognition that ensuring safety and wellbeing of all volunteers who shape our organisation should be at the forefront. Eager to be part of this step, I will work with the rest of the team to ensure EYP is always a safe and welcoming space for personal growth, while hopefully instilling in participants a sense of responsibility and awareness that they can carry with them to non-EYP contexts as well.” – Weronika

We congratulate all Councils Chairs and wish them a very fruitful year!