EYP Mentorship Programme is gathering momentum

The first ever EYP Mentorship pilot programme was launched in June and is now in full swing. EYP community has welcomed the idea with enthusiasm and applied as both Mentors and Mentees. The first18 tandems from 16 countries have met to begin their joint mentorship adventure. 

The aim of this initiative is to bring together young EYPers who are beginning their professional career (e.g. finishing studies, seeking the first job, etc) with EYP alumni who are already experienced and can share their expertise with younger generations.

The community greeted the idea with enthusiasm and quite many people took the initiative to apply, both as Mentors and Mentees. “EYP has a strong and dynamic network and I am delighted to see that we are beginning to tap into it in such a systematic way to unlock new and upcoming potential” – said Kevin Boland (IE), who applied as a Mentee.

The matching of pairs was done by the International Office in cooperation with EYP Alumni Steering group representatives, based on the applicants’ interests. “EYP was formative in shaping my personality and worldview. It’s very exciting to have a chance to give back to a community that means so much to me!” – said Emre Tekisalp (TR), who applied as a Mentor. Later on, all participants followed a webinar, delivered by an external expert, on how such mentoring partnerships can look like. Now Mentees and Mentors have started their sessions in tandems.

The first round of the EYP Mentorship programme will continue until the end of the year. “We will be very interested to hear feedback from the participants” – says Lukas Fendel, Executive Director EYP. “That will help us develop the programme further.” The next round of the programme will be launched at the beginning of 2019. We wish all Mentees and Mentors a fruitful and successful mentorship experience!