“Giving back to EYP” – an interview with Jan-Philipp Beck

We had the utmost pleasure to chat with Jan-Philipp Beck, former EYPer with a long session history, former president of EYP Germany, who has participated in several Board of National Committees (BNC) meetings, has served on the Governing Body (GB) and also as the Executive Director of EYP. Here is what he had to say about how EYP influenced his personal trajectory and how he still engages with our organisation as an alumnus.

How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

I am easily excited by great ideas, passion to lead, always up for a good conversation but usually not in the centre of the dance floor.

How did EYP experience impact your current life and job?

I would say EYP is the most important and relevant experience. I am CEO of EIT Health – a network for innovation in health. Leading international teams, navigating complex networks and driving ambitious and international projects to success is what I learnt at EYP. I also interact a lot with politicians and policy makers. My experience from EYP gave me the confidence from the start; it was not new. Finally, I operate in a multi-level governance structure being accountable to many different stakeholders. Serving for the international office of EYP, the GB and on the BNC really helped me!

Why have you joined the “Steering Group” of the EYP alumni initiative?

I want to make sure that we as alumni “give back”. With access to networks, to finance and knowledge. By the way, EIT Health supported EYP with 10.000 Eur in funding this year. And of course, it is great to catch up with old friends.

How did you “give back” to the EYP?  

I facilitated that EIT Health would engage and also contributed financially. I have in the past supported mainly the German National Committee by delivering trainings at their events. I am also happy to be on the Steering Group on strengthening our alumni activities.