Media Lab take-aways

The first ever EYP Media Innovation Lab took place in Berlin in December 2018. The event gathered 16 experienced EYPers from 11 countries who discussed several EYP and media related topics, such as the newly launched EYP Communication Strategy, the mission of EYP media teams, improvements on the internal and external communication, as well as consistency in the media outputs.

Furthermore, the participants had the opportunity to interact with and receive input from several external experts, such as Timm Rotter (founder and managing director of the communication agency “in a nutshell”), Ira Garbuz (a communication’s specialist and former EYPer), as well as Zosia Wanat (Correspondent at Mlex and former EYPer). Here you can see the impressions of the participants.

The group of enthusiastic “innovators” went far beyond discussions and ideas, they have drafted a work plan and call for the establishment of the Media & Communications Council of the EYP to steer and support the work of media teams. Many Media Lab participants have been selected to the newly established council. Future Media & Communications Council will be focusing on:

  1. Harmonisation of media & communications across EYP
  2. Supporting the Internal communication (collecting databases as well as Tracking, mapping and updating useful materials for the MTMs)
  3. Strengthening the External Communication Guide for the NCs

Watch a video where the Media Lab participants share their stories of engagement in the EYP media work.