Mr. Jerzy Buzek, Chair of the ITRE Committee of the European Parliament is the patron of the Power Shifts project

It is a great pleasure to share the news that Mr. Jerzy Buzek, Chair of the European Parliament Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) Committee, former President of the European Parliament (2009-2012) and former Prime Minister of Poland (1997-2001) has expressed his support to “Power Shifts – Reflecting Europe’s Energy” project by granting his patronage.

Mr. Jerzy Buzek shared a few words with us about the project and Europe’s future:

“Energy transition is our long-term global goal. A process launched by a series of policy decisions – ranging from the high-level Paris Climate Agreement to an almost completed EU Clean Energy Package – will be implemented by the next generations.
It is very important that future policy-makers, business owners or just regular consumers and prosumers are well informed about challenges they might face. This knowledge will help them to better shape Europe’s energy policy in the years to come.
I fully support the project Power Shifts – Reflecting Europe’s Energy!
Let’s emPower Future Shifts in Europe’s Energy Together!

We are honoured to have Mr. Buzek as the patron of the project!