Supporting the network of changemakers

The EYP National Committee Support Fund is about to kickstart distributing €14.000! We will support 16 national organisations and 27 different events and projects which will be carried out by EYP across Europe throughout 2019. Supported projects include national organisation capacity building, strategies, administrative costs and legal fees, sustainability, and strengthening the diversity of the network.

It is impressive to notice the dedication of so many National Committees (NCs) to quality work in order to provide the best for the youth participating in their events. What is even more fascinating is to notice some of the unique purposes and cases that the NC Support Fund serves.

In mountainous Slovakia participants will be facilitated to come to contact with EYP regardless of their economic capacity or how remote is the area they reside, in an effort to strengthen EYP Slovakia’s diversity. In a heavily meat-based diet of Greece, the local NC will be providing some exclusively vegetarian meals to all participants so as to help the young individuals reflect on their ecological footprint through their everyday consumption choices.

We are very proud to be actively supporting activities such as these, which will hopefully have a positive long-term impact to the lives of thousands young Europeans across the continent. We wish all participating NCs tremendous success in their upcoming events and projects!