Power shifts 2.0 – Reflecting Europe’s Energy

We are happy to announce that our partnership with the Innogy Stiftung für Energie und Gesellschaft has been prolonged for a second Power Shifts project and our third cooperation in general since 2013. The good news is that we will be elevating the partnership and making innogy much more embedded with EYP activities on a local, national and international level. The project will be led by our new project manager, EYP Alumni Helena Karnitskaya.

The project will also revisit how EYP communicates its outcomes with a focus on sharing the opinions of young people to the outside world and provides space for experimenting with different formats for discussing and promoting relevant issues. We will discuss topics related to the topic of energy, climate and societal impacts at International Sessions throughout the next three years, starting with the IS in Vilnius. Furthermore, NCs will be able to apply with their ideas for new formats related to energy and climate in politics or society and can receive financial support for implementing those ideas. This can range from a topic at a session to any event format they apply with and receives a grant. Stay tuned for the call!


Here’s what the project manager,  Helena Karnitskaya, had to say about the Power shifts 2.0:

“With great pleasure and excitement, we are entering now the “second round” of the Power Shifts having a strong ambition to increase significantly the scope of the project through its deeper integration in the overall EYP structure. By doing so, we want to provide more EYPers with the striking opportunity to debate on Energy and gain a better understanding of this highly complex but vital issue for our present and future. Beyond that, we plan on adding further formats to the EYP-classics to expand our capacities and visibility. Together with Innogy Foundation, we intend to reach over 1000 EYPers per year to empower their ability to give a competent response to the Energy-related questions and significantly expand their knowledge about the topic. Stay tuned for more and be ready for “EnergYP” to penetrate into a majority of EYP’s flagship events on the regional and international level. Among them is our first stop and a kick-off highlight at the same time – Vilnius International Session 2018″.