Power Shifts fund 2019 goes to…

The results of the Power Shifts fund 2019 have been announced. Out of 19 competitive applications 5 favourites were chosen to receive support for the innovative energy-related activities for the events taking place in 2019.

Being one of the pillars of the Power Shifts – Reflecting Europe’s energy project in cooperation with innogy foundation, Power Shifts Fund 2019 goes beyond supporting solely energy-related initiatives – it has been introduced as a funding mechanism for the events in the EYP network guided by the innovative spirit of our volunteers who strive to implement new formats in the classic session concept of the EYP.

Power Shifts Fund of 2019 has been allocated to the National Selection Conferences of EYP Albania, EYP Norway and EYP Iceland as well as to the Regional Session of EYP Estonia and International Forum of EYP Portugal. Stay tuned for the testimonies of participants. We wish all participants all the best for the events!