Strengthening the EYP Network

The immensely growing EYP network needs to be supported with knowledge, resources and fruitful exchange of ideas to ensure the sustainability of its activities for a long way forward. The EYP International Office is striving to support the network through capacity building events, also in the Eastern Partnership countries.

Summer Academy
The EYP Summer Academy is the flagship capacity building event of the network, gathering representatives from all 40 EYP countries aiming to support their work at the National Committees by providing training modules for board members. Training courses are run by experienced EYPers, EYP alumni and external trainers. Major subjects include National Committee management and development, fundraising, PR & communication and outreach & inclusion. After two years in Berlin and a year in Porto, this year’s EYP Summer Academy was hosted and organised by EYP Serbia. We were delighted to welcome over 80 guests from 25 countries. The participants of the Summer Academy 2018 are actively planning their follow-up activities in their NCs. The trainer’s team has kindly shared materials from the Summer Academy 2018 with the whole network.

Trainings within the Eastern Partnership
Capacity building is also one of the three main pillars of the BASES project. BASES, or Building A Stronger European Society is a project aiming at helping young people living in Europe but not necessarily in the European Union to become active citizens. It is undertaken in partnership with the German Foreign Office and the European Youth Parliament. The training events organised by the EYP National Committees of the Eastern Partnership countries, i.e. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine, as well as Russia work towards helping young volunteers enhance their cooperation and communication skills, both on the individual and organisational level. The summer 2018 was the scene of a multitude of EYP training events in this region! During the Diversity Lab in Moscow, participants discussed how to make the EYP network more welcoming and inclusive to people from different backgrounds.  In Georgia, young volunteers who run their National Committees had the chance to develop their leadership skills. And finally, the Training for EYP Trainers took place in Ukraine, which aimed at strengthening the EYP as a training-based organisation. Watch a video where experienced EYP trainers explain what happens at the T4ET.

More to come

Stay tuned for more capacity building events in the upcoming months!